Grade & Size Selection

    Selecting Grade and Size of Techflex

    1. From your application determine the use and criteria applicable
      Will the cable, wire or hose be fitted in place when it is sleeved or not so do I need a retro fit, a wrap like Flexo Wrap or Flexo F6, or a tubular sleeve like Flexo PET or Clean Cut 
      Does it matter what colour?
      Will the sleeve require a flame retardant like Flexo PET FR?
      Will the sleeve be subject to high abrasion like Gorilla
      Will the sleeve be exposed to weather, high temperature or chemicals etc like Insultherm
      Will the sleeve need to provide EMI Shielding like Flexo Shield
    2. Investigate the various TECHFLEX grades and specifications to find the most suitable for your application
    3. Once the TECHFLEX grade has been determined, establish the total diameter of the cable(s), wire(s) and or hose(s),
      and will the sleeve have to fit over connectors plugs etc.
    4. Determine the sleeve fit, will it be loose, firm or tight to choose the correct nominal diameter
    5. Check the "maximum expansion diameter" of the chosen size ensuring it is capable of fitting over the cable(s),
      wire(s) or hose(s) and or any connectors, plugs etc widest diameter.
    6. NOTE! If a tight fit is chosen allow extra length as any sleeve diameter expansion comes from the sleeve length. There is no rule of thumb here as some sleeves if expanded can lose over 50% of there length. IF IN DOUBT PLEASE ASK!
    7. Take care when purchasing the length of sleeve, do not be tempted to order the exact amount, it's prudent to get a bit more and cut if necessary. You can always use any spare on another project.
    8. Above all else IF IN DOUBT PLEASE ASK!


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