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We Provide Quality Cable Management Solutions for Australian & New Zealand Businesses & Individuals

Techflex's global recognition as a cable sleeve specialist is bought about by their engineering and manufacturing of the most advanced sleeving solutions, cable covers and related products for the management and protection of wires, cables and hoses.

We proudly stock and supply Techflex products to both New Zealand and Australian customers, for use in applications ranging from deep space exploration, satellites, undersea robotics to high-end automotive, marine, aviation, industrial, commercial and computer network cable management installations.

The large manufacturing capability and extensive product range of our Techflex products qualify them as the first choice for any sleeving solution. Suitable for the mechanical protection of wires, cables and hoses from abrasion, chaffing and heat degradation, they are also resistant to a wide variety of chemicals, with certain grades incorporating inhibitors with flame retardant properties.  

We believe our cable sleeves provide the ultimate cable cover protection system, making us very proud to be New Zealand distributors of the Techflex cable management solution. Feel free to contact our team today to learn more about the Techflex brand or for assistance in selecting the best cable cover solution which suits your needs. 

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Flexible Technologies Limited - TECHFLEX NZ, are Techflex expandable braided sleeving distributors throughout New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Region and other Worldwide locations