Extreme Temperature Expandable Braided Sleeving

Techflex High temperature expandable braided sleeving products are designed for protection from high temperature enviroments where failure would be catastrophic. This range of heavy duty sleeving products provide state-of-the-art high temperature engineering protection for applications where heat exposure would otherwise be problematic.




Insultherm is an extremely high temperature resistant sleeve commonly used as thermal protection for wires, cables and hoses that are subjected to continuous and extreme high temperature environments, such as engine manifolds and exhaust systems.



Densely woven Silica Sleeve is ideal for protection of delicate components and personnel from exposure to high temperature exhausts and pipes. Silica Sleeve is braided into a strong and flexible sleeve from silica yarns. The thick 60 mil walls of this sleeving provide enhanced thermal protection up to 980°C.



Insultherm Silica Header Wrap is made from texturized amorphous silica filament yarn woven into a strong and flexible form. Because the yarn is texturized into a bulky form it provides excellent insulating values.



Techflex Original WeldWrap construction is braided from fiberglass yarns with high temperature coating and hook and loop closure. Commonly used for protecting welding hoses from molten spatter and abrasion from moving and dragging.




Dragon Sleeve is made to withstand temperatures so unbelievable that it would melt your mind. Designing a hose that you can melt metal on? Developing a wire harness to suspend over a lava field? We’ll leave it to you to dream up how to use heat protection like this. 



ThermaShield line of aluminized fiberglass products, T6, is designed for ease of installation when component disassembly isn’t practical. The highly reflective aluminized exterior, combined with the insulating fiberglass interior, protects delicate wire bundles, cables and lines from damage caused by nearby exhaust pipes, headers or other heat generating components.




Flexo NX will protect your application in temperatures up to 350°C. It is unaffected by short term exposure to most acids, bases, solvents and common engineering chemicals. Despite the soft touch and smooth appearance associated with woven aramid fibers, NX is incredibly strong, with a tensile strength of 90,000 psi.





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